Hi. My name is Lydia. all my life I've been fooled by those who I trusted the most. But i don't care. im empty and numb inside. the only thing that is keeping me here is i know one thing. I want to understand everyone's pain before I start thinking mine is the worst. Helping people is all i want to do. i dont care about money because its worthless but i think a person is more important which makes them priceless. i only wish for people to open their minds, love, and accept. i'm an atheist. i respect everybody's beliefs and i think that anyone has the right to do whatever they want and dream whatever they want. i love helping people and i dont ask anything in return. giving is more important to me. so if you have any questions or just feel like nobody wants to listen to you im here even if your anonymous. so ask away. Dancing, art, doing crazy things, being with friends, random people, having a good time, asians, anime, multi culture people, rainbows, unicorns, funny, and free-spirited people i <3. hope you enjoy my blog. :)
Ask away